Complete solution for spectroelectrochemical measurements

Metrohm Autolab provides the following modular products for spectroelectrochemical measurments.

  • Autolab Spectrophotometer-UA for UV/VIS/NIR applications (200 - 1100 nm)
  • Autolab Spectrophotometer-UB for UV/VIS applications (200 - 720 nm)
  • Autolab Compact Deuterium/Halogen Light Source

The Autolab Spectrophotometers are compact instruments based on an optical bench with a focal length of 75 mm and a 50 µm entry slit developed in a symmetrical Czerny-Turner design. These instruments are fitted with a 2048 pixel CCD detector optimized for high-speed applications (smallest integration time 1.05 ms).

The following features are includes in the spectrophotometers:

  • Order sorting coating to avoid stray light and second order effects
  • Detector Collection Lens for enhanced sensitivity
  • Deep UV coating to reduce second order effects from UV response.

The Autolab Light Source is a compact deuterium/halogen light source. It provides a good light output between 200 and 2500 nm for nearly all absorbance chemistry applications. Deuterium emits light between 200 and 550 nm, where the halogen takes over up to 2500 nm. This light source provides a TTL-controlled shutter, which can be controlled by the NOVA software.

All the instruments in this range are designed with SMA-905 connectors.