ADC10M - Ultra Fast Sampling

The ADC10M module is an ultra-fast sampling module that increases the sampling rate of the Autolab from 50 kSamples/s to 10 MSamples/s giving you the ability to acquire fast transients with intervals down to 100 ns. 

When combined with the SCAN250 module, you can perform ultra-fast cyclic voltammetry measurements with scan rates up to a practical limit of 250 kV/s, making it a powerful tool for studying fast kinetic processes.

The new ADC10M module is only supported in Nova, our latest advanced electrochemical measurement package. The ADC10M module does not replace the ADC164 module but is an addition.

Application areas:

  • Accurate determination of ohmic drop using current interrupt
  • Measurement of rapid reaction kinetics on ultra-micro electrodes
  • Measurement of rapid transients during the charge and discharge cycle of super-capacitors
  • Detection of neurotransmitters during in-vivo bioelectrochemistry