BA - Dual mode bipotentiostat module

The BA is a dual-mode bipotentiostat module that converts the Autolab into a double channel potentiostat with which measurements on 2 working electrodes can be performed sharing the same counter and reference electrode.

In the Bipotentiostat mode, a fixed potential is applied to the second channel (second Working Electrode) while applying a potential step or a sweep to the first channel (first Working Electrode). In the Scanning Bipotentiostat mode, a potential offset with respect to the first channel is applied to the second channel.

The BA module has 7 current ranges (10 nA - 10 mA) available. The current range during measurement can be either fixed manually or selected automatically by the software, the maximum current is 50 mA.

Application areas:

  • Measurements on rotating ring-disk electrodes (RRDE)
  • Measurements on wall jet ring-disk electrodes (WJRDE)
  • Measurements on tube/channel double electrodes (TDE/CDE)

Special versions of the BA module can be installed in custom made instruments (PGSTAT128N MBA and PGSTAT302N MBA). Each BA module in this configuration has an independent offset with respect to the reference electrode (in standard mode) or the main working electrode (in scanning bipotentiostat mode). The mode of each channel can be set independently, the maximum current is 50 mA.