FI20 - Filter integrator module

The FI20 filter and integrator module allows the Autolab users to do coulometric and chrono-coulometric experiments. The analog integrator gives you the possibility to measure charge instead of current and can be used both in cyclic voltammetry as well as in potential step experiments. 

With this module it is easy to separate the capacitive current from the faradaic current. In addition the integrator is effective in reducing signal noise by averaging it out.

The third order Sallen-Key filter with selectable RC-times between 0 and 500 ms, can be used to filter out noise.
The filter of the FI20 module is also useful in cases where the background noise (50 or 60 Hz for example) cannot be removed by using measures like a Faraday cage.

Application areas:

  • Direct measurement of charge
  • Electrochemical measurements on micro-electrodes
  • Electrolysis and electroplating