SCAN250 - Analog scan generator

The staircase method for cyclic voltammetry is widely used in digital instruments as the currents due to the charging of the double layer are reduced if the duration of the step is sufficiently long. This results in data that can be treated as originating from faradaic processes only. 

When the processes exhibit very fast transient behavior, such as hydrogen adsorption, digital sweep can lead to loss of information regarding the adsorption process. The SCAN250 module, which has the capability of applying a true analog sweep to the sample, was specially designed to overcome this problem. The true linear scan rate range is from 10 mV/s to 250 kV/s. The SCAN250 module in combination with ADC10M is a very powerful tool for studying fast transients.

Application areas:

  • Measurement of capacitive as well as faradaic processes at the same time
  • Measurement of processes exhibiting rapid transient behavior such as hydrogen adsorption
  • Ultra-fast cyclic voltammetry and ultra-fast chrono-amperometry