Metrohm 910 PSTAT Mini

Getting started in electrochemistry

In recent years electrochemistry gained increasing importance with new application fields for the established electroanalytical techniques. Just to mention a few of them: Biosensors, fuel cells, solar cells. A well-funded knowledge of electrochemistry will enable students of chemistry and other sciences to be successful in their scientific or professional career.

The small and easy-to-use 910 PSTAT mini is the ideal tool for electrochemical training courses. The disposable screen-printed electrodes are ready to use, so the course participant can rely on a well-working electrochemical setup and focus on the study of the electrochemical phenomena. The PSTAT Software is very intuitive, but supplies all required basic techniques.

The 910 PSTAT Mini is powered through USB connection to the computer.

The 910 PSTAT Mini comes with a dummy cell and is 80 x 54 x 23 mm3 for 94 g.

Key features:  
Electrode connections 2, 3 and 4 (+ Bipotentiostat)
Potential range +/- 2.048 V
Compliance voltage +/- 2.048 V
Maximum current +/- 200 µA

Current ranges

200 µA to 10 nA

Potential accuracy +/- 0.1 %
Potential resolution 1 mV
Current resolution 0.05 % (of current range)
Computer interface USB
Control software PSTAT Mini software