Metrohm 910 PSTAT Mini

Getting started in electrochemistry

The Metrohm 910 PSTAT mini can be supplied with a getting started kit, which includes the instrument and the software, as well as a set of accessories designed to perform basic electrochemical measurements using the screen printed electrodes

The kit includes a dedicated monograph which described several simple electrochemical measurements.

Key features:  
Electrode connections 2, 3 and 4 (+ Bipotentiostat)
Potential range +/- 2.048 V
Compliance voltage +/- 2.048 V
Maximum current +/- 200 µA

Current ranges

200 µA to 10 nA

Potential accuracy +/- 0.1 %
Potential resolution 1 mV
Current resolution 0.05 % (of current range)
Computer interface USB
Control software PSTAT Mini software