Autolab PGSTAT302F - Switchable Floating Potentiostat/Galvanostat

The PGSTAT302F is a special version of the PGSTAT302N which can be switched from the regular 'grounded mode' to so-called 'floating mode'. In grounded mode, the PGSTAT302F can be used with normal electrochemical cells, while in floating mode, the PGSTAT302F can be used with grounded cells or electrochemical cells in which the working electrode is connected to ground (e.g. pipelines, autoclaves, etc.).

An application note illustrating the use of the PGSTAT302F for hydrogen permeation experiments is available here.

This instrument can be fitted with the FRA32M impedance analyzer module.

Key features   Compatible modules
Electrode connections 2, 3 and 4  FRA32M
Potential range +/- 10 V  
Compliance voltage +/- 10 V  
Compliance voltage (grounded) +/- 30 V (special cables required*)  
Maximum current

+/- 2 A


Current ranges

1 A to 10 nA

Potential accuracy +/- 0.2 %  
Potential resolution 0.3 µV  
Current accuracy +/- 0.2 %  
Current resolution 0.0003 % (of current range)  
Input impedance > 1 TOhm  
Potentiostat bandwidth 100 kHz  
Computer interface USB (isolated)  
Control software NOVA  


* Optional cables can be used to increase the compliance voltage of the PGSTAT302F to +/- 30 V (in grounded mode only).